Case Study

Experience a New Dimension of Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance and repair are a part & parcel of a service organization. But do manual methods continue to be effective in today’s ultra-competitive industrial market? Let’s explore through this case study.


We had a service request from one of the major players in the Power Transmission segment, requesting us to streamline their maintenance. Their key requirements and challenges included the following:

  • To confirm if the subcontractors are attending the scheduled maintenance & repair work on time.
  • The need for guaranteed maintenance and whether the same is verified with a complete quality check.
  • Debugging issues while working with a remote OEM.


ServeVis – Streamlining Maintenance and Repair


  1.  Limited visibility on the performance of sub-contractors.
  2. The need for guarantee and verification of maintenance

ServeVis Solution

  1. Issue of maintenance ticket with essentials
  2. Creation of maintenance checklist template
  3. Compliance with SOPs
  4. Visual assistance for troubleshooting
  5. Error alert
  6. Dashboard access
  7. Integration of data with workflow
  8. Remorse visual debug

ServeVis Solution

1. To begin with, ServeVis created an end-to-end automated workflow. This addressed the primary requirement of the company by automating the maintenance schedule for technicians. The platform created a maintenance ticket automatically as per schedule – with corresponding data, reference images, and videos to the field technicians (along with a specific turnaround time).

This helped ensure that the field technician attended to the maintenance within the turnaround time using easy and step-by-step maintenance tickets created in the ServeVis tool. It also enabled the supervisor to know if the technician attended an issue, as the supervisor will get an alert if the technician fails to. The supervisor may also access the dashboard for the complete track record of activities.

2. The activity of the field technicians was automated, which helped them visit the maintenance site and follow the requisite SOPs for maintenance. The field teams were also able to seek visual assistance and collaborate with the supervisor for troubleshooting issues, exchanging information, and completing the maintenance activity. Supervisors were able to visually review the work of the technicians, thereby ensuring quality work completion.
3. Besides the above functionality, the ServeVis visual assistance feature helps in the automation of integrating the parametric data with the workflow. This helped the OEMs to see and observe the missionary fault through ServeVis visual assistance feature and do faster and easier debug by correlating the machine parameters with the physical equipment. The process of remorse visual debug will help the OEM to plan the visit well so that the fix is completed the very first time.

Benefits Achieved:

  1. Automated scheduling for technicians, with access to sufficient work data
  2. Access to supervisor on the status of work completed by technicians
  3. Quality interface for technicians and supervisors to collaborate and troubleshoot
  4. Faster and easier debug

Start collaborating with your field teams and customers to solve issues faster

ServeVis is a product of TNQ InGage. ServeVis enables you to see what your customers or field technicians see and guide them remotely with AR-powered visual assistance tools.


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