Learn how ServeVis can help transform your field and customer support


Learn how ServeVis can help transform your field and customer support

Reduce field travel with real-time remote support and collaboration

ServeVis changes the way you support your customers and field teams. With ServeVis’s assisted reality platform using mobile or tablet, expert help is always available at the field engineer’s fingertips…

Three essential elements of a Connected worker platform

Deliver device-agnostic user experience with access to knowledge and choice of communication channels it’s important to understand that connectivity is critical to an industrial worker; be it a manufacturing…

Best Practices for onboarding Equipment Users

Founded more than 70 years ago, Fender is probably the most popular guitar maker in the world. But Fender’s revenues are down since 2011. Almost half of Fender’s sales are to brand-new guitarists – but 90 percent of them quit the instrument…

Critical capabilities for the field service support

By 2020, more than 75% of field service organizations with over 50 users will deploy mobile apps that go beyond simplified data collection and will add capabilities that help technicians succeed (Gartner). This trend towards better field support…

Save time and eliminate errors with Point-and-Ask

We are excited to announce our Point-and-Ask feature, which allows customers or technicians to just point the phone at the equipment to identify it. Once the equipment is identified, the user can ask a question, see history or view real-time data…

The three lifelines for a field service technician

If you have watched the show Who Wants to be a Millionaire, you can appreciate the plight of the contestant who is on the hot seat. Sitting nervous in front of millions of viewers and a live audience, the player has to answer tough questions…

Bringing Mobile Customer Experience to the Lab

The typical lab environment and operating processes can make it very challenging for instrument and reagent vendors to provide a great experience for their customers. For one, scientists and technicians are performing hands-on…

Push based, predictive analytics & customer support

In many situations, a customer’s first real touch point with a company starts when a customer contacts the company with an issue using e-mail, phone or chat, especially when the product is purchased online, through purchasing agents, or distributors…

Start collaborating with your field teams and customers to solve issues faster

ServeVis is a product of InGage.

ServeVis enables you to see what your customers or field technicians see and guide them remotely with AR-powered visual assistance tools.


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